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ROC-SOLID is proud to introduce the next generation of MIL-SPEC VDUs and i7 CPU.

On the back of years of reliable operation in the Australian Armed Forces, the all new MDP-1001 & MDP-1502 are the pinnacle of cost effective MIL-SPEC displays. These rugged, low power visual display units have been designed for optimal readability and usability within tracked and wheeled armoured vehicles, naval vessels and UAV control stations.

The ROC-i7-MMC is a highly qualified, flexible i7 MIL-SPEC vehicle computer designed specifically for harsh environments associated with ground mobile, tracked and wheeled vehicles. With built in high end video processing, generous and configurable I/O options and the powerful Intel i7 dual core processor, the i7 MMC (Multi Mission Computer) is adaptable to suit a myriad of C4ISR applications.

If you need a Customised Computer tailored to suit your particular application, then contact our specialist system integrators for expert advice.

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