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Rugged Industrial Computer Products : Process Control Computer

computers for factory operations Process management and factory control systems can be a massive productivity bonus, except when they break down.

Imagine a computer that just keeps running. So reliable that you will hardly have to think about maintenance.

ROC-SOLID is purpose-built for any environment where reliability is paramount.

The hardware has no weak points. Resistant to water, dust and chemicals, it can also be used to support a wide range of process control and automation applications.

In the event of an operating system or application program 'glitch' , EasySwap allows you to replace the operational software in just minutes - no need to call a computer technician.


• Ultra-durable and Reliable
• Waterproof or Splash Resistant
• Resistant to Chemical Attack
• Shockproof
• Vibration Resistant

A full range of interfaces are provided to facilitate data interchange with all commonly utilised process control subsystems.

Features of ROC that it them particularly well suited to harsh factory environments include:

• solid machined construction
• ultra-high vibration resistance
• sealed against water ingress
• high performance & reliability

ROC computers are available in a range of configurations including:

• modular system (separate display & CPU)
• integrated CPU/display/touchscreen
• ruggedised display unit only

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