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Rugged Industrial Computer Products : Mining Computer

computers for mining Mining environments are tough - dirty, dusty and often humid. Computers can be of great benefit - if only they were more reliable.

Now, they are! The ROC-SOLID system has been developed for the toughest jobs in the toughest environments - like Road Header guidance.

ROC-SOLID was independently tested in Europe against the big names in industrial computers on a simulator designed to reflect one month's operation on a header in 72 hours.

Only the ROC-SOLID survived the full test, no glitches, no bugs. The big surprise for the engineers who ran the tests was that the next best was 20 minutes! If you want reliability day in, day out, the ROC-SOLID is your best bet.

The ROC SOLID Integrated 15" Touchscreen Model has been successfully deployed across a number of road tunneling projects in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Australia.

Features of this system that have contributed to its success in these projects include:

• solid machined casing
• high shock & vibration tolerance
• integral anti-vibration mounts
• sealed construction
• compact flash storage
• low power fanless operation
• high reliability electronics

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