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Rugged Industrial Computer Products : Modular Computer

ROC Modular Computer The ROC Modular Computer is a compact ruggedised computer system well suited to vehicle mounted applications and fixed systems that require up to 2 remote displays.

This system has been successfully deployed in driver information systems in railway and mobile heavy vehicle applications, and in fixed installations requiring a remote display function.

The touchscreen displays can be remoted up to 30m from the CPU unit.

Downloadable TechManual
- ROC Modular Computer Technical Manual Issue3 (pdf)


• CPU Pentium M/Celeron options
• Speed options of 1Ghz, 600MHz
• RAM size 1GB, 2GB
• solid state disk options
• optional external fan

Computer Interfaces

• Ethernet 10/100Mbit
• USB 2.0 x 4 ports
• RS232 Serial
• PS2 Keyboard
• Audio input/output

Operator Interface (remote)

• 15" high brightness LCD panel
• 5 wire touch screen interface

Environmental Performance

• shock and vibration resistant
• dust and water resistant (IP66)
• chemical resistant
• operational -10 to 45 degrees C

Mechanical Data

• solid machined aluminium construction
• dimensions 225 x 196 x 78mm
• mass 4kG

Power Interface

• 12v DC power input
• dissipation less than 20W